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About Digital Equalizer Program

AIF's Digital Equalizer (DE) program is a computer-aided learning program that is bridging the education and digital divide in India, and preparing tens of thousands of children to compete in the digital economy. Targeting children in grades 6 and above, AIF supports a DE school for 3 years and prepares it for self-sufficiency after this period.

The core principle behind the Digital Equalizer (DE) program is to make quality education accessible to all by equalizing the digital divide that is still widely prevalent in our educational institutions. Digital Equalizer is primarily a 3 year Techno-Pedagogy program that focuses on integrating technology with pedagogy to enhance the teaching learning process in our educational institutions. The Digital Equalizer approach is to collaborate with the state government to equip under resourced schools with a computer center, providing an educational laboratory to enhance student learning that reaches approximately 400 students per site.

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DE Program In Punjab 2014-2015

AIF with collaboration with Govt. of Punjab Started Centralized Training in 12 districts of Punjab.

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Why Digital Equalizer?

The digital equalizer program primarily targets the following

1) Teachers-Empowering teachers by giving them extensive training on incorporating technology in pedagogy thereby enabling them to develop content themselves and enhance classroom transactions using technology as an effective teaching aid and consequently enhancing student learning.

2) Students Building 21st century skills in students particularly from class 6 to 10 by training them on basic computer skills as well as developing their communication skills and problem solving approach. AIFs Digital Equalizer program provides underserved youth across India with access to technology and empowers them with 21st century skills and tools to prepare them for success in the global economy. Till date, DE has covered 14 states, 94 districts, 3,190 schools, 868,242 students, 56525 teachers across India.